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Insider: Buy a Used BMW or Lexus in 2022?


BMW vs. Lexus

This Article will probably Make some BMW owners angry, but here goes…
7 Reasons to Buy a Used Lexus instead of a Used BMW in 2022:

Insider: Buy a Used BMW or a Used Lexus in 2022? Well, I am an insider as far as I have been in auto parts, repair, and sales for over 40 years.

When searching for the best-used luxury cars, people get stars in their eyes and fail to consider reliability and cost of ownership of the different brands. Here is a head-to-head comparison of both Lexus and BMW and some of you are going to be surprised (or not).

Which is better, Lexus or BMW?

The question that savvy used luxury car buyers have to consider is that of cost of ownership when buying a car or SUV that is out of warranty.

The most reliable luxury cars don’t necessarily constitute the cheapest to operate in all cases but considering reliability, repair costs, fuel consumption, and even insurance costs can give you a pretty good idea of which of the best used luxury cars are the best choice financially.

With these points in mind, here are the top 5 reasons to buy a used Lexus instead of a Used BMW.


According to J.D. Power’s 2021 U.S. Vehicle Dependability Study: “Lexus ranks highest in overall vehicle dependability among all brands, with a score of 81 PP100 (problems per 100 vehicles built). This is the ninth time in 10 years that Lexus ranks highest. Porsche (86 PP100) ranks second, followed by Kia (97 PP100), Toyota (98 PP100), Buick (100 PP100) and Cadillac (also 100 PP100).”

BMW ranks down near the middle of the pack with Chevrolet in this study.

I have heard it said that the reason used BMWs are so cheap is so you can buy two. One to drive, while the other one is in the shop.

You can get a great deal on a used BMW but expect more downtime on a BMW than a Lexus that has similar mileage.

2. Wear and tear.

BMWs are, as a rule, more sport and innovation-oriented than a comparable Lexus. This can mean two things. First, the BMWs are typically owned by more performance-aware drivers that tend to drive more aggressively and

Secondly, BMW’s tendency to get new technology to the showroom faster means less testing time to establish the durability of new components.

BMW is more performance-oriented overall according to and that typically translates into higher driving costs and less dependability.

Lexus drivers, tend to be more laid-back when driving, therefore the car’s moving parts show less wear than a more aggressively driven vehicle with the same miles.

Less testing of components shows up on the road with a higher failure rate than more vetted parts and systems that have been proven.

3. Lexus vs. BMW Maintenance Costs.

According to, BMWs are easily the most expensive car brand to maintain. “It’s not even a close contest. BMW is in the first place, with an average maintenance cost over 10 years of $17,800.”

Lexus enjoys 28th place on this list at only $7000 barely losing to its close cousin Toyota at 30th with $5500 maintenance cost per 10 years.

The cost of BMW maintenance heavily contributes to the plunging resale values in their entire lineup. Owners of these cars are willing to dump them at a cheap price once the warranty runs out and maintenance costs skyrocket. That is one big reason why used BMWs are so cheap.

4. Lexus vs. BMW Repair Costs.

If maintenance costs are high, it stands to reason that repairs will be high also.

Lexus has a history of building quality into innovations and releasing new technology with driver satisfaction in mind. Then you have BMW. They also aim for driver satisfaction by being the first to introduce new technologies in their offerings but there is a cost. BMW drivers report a higher rate of failure in their vehicles compared to Lexus.

BMW Cost Cutting Initiative. Why?

Pair this with BMWs Cost Cutting Initiatives that ultimately put more plastic in the engine compartments such as plastic intake manifolds and plastic oil pans. Plastics have come a long way but they are not reliable when paired with the heat of an engine compartment especially when you add turbos and other heat-producing add ons.

Find a Willing Mechanic

Many mechanics won’t even pop the hood on an older BMW because repair times often skyrocket because brittle plastic engine parts snap under the slightest pressure then they have to source and wait for extra parts that turn a normally straightforward repair into a nightmare.

Who pays for all this? The owner of the car. Believe it or not, most shops do not want to tell the customer that the cost of their repairs just doubled. It is bad P.R. We have actually had this happen several times in our own shop when poorly built BMW components and electrical systems have caused repair job costs to inflate uncontrollably. So much so that we received reputation-damaging reviews. We even had some customers abandon their BMWs instead of paying the repair bill.

Labor costs

At the time of this writing, my local BMW dealer quoted an hourly rate of $139.88 and the local Lexus dealer appears to be about $125.00. Strangely, while BMW and Toyota gave me their respective labor rates quickly and easily, Lexus of Greenville in South Carolina took two calls, an online chat, and took over 20 minutes on hold just to be told that I would have to wait.

It must be confidential, secret insider information. Sadly, That made it impossible to meet my deadline.

I am pretty sure that Tokuo Fukuichi, the President of Lexus, would frown on that response.

I strongly suggest you call your local Lexus dealer and see how they handle this question and then leave a comment below.

Money saving tip:

Now, the local Toyota Dealer Toyota of Easley in South Carolina who is also authorized for Lexus repair only quoted $105 per hour.

Remember that Lexus owners! Granted that Toyota can’t perform warranty repairs but you are not paying for those out of pocket.

5. Lexus vs. BMW Resale Value.

I just hinted at the fact that used BMWs have lower resale values and there are a few reasons why.

First, it gets back to maintenance and repair costs because as these costs grow and dependability drops, people except the most committed BMW enthusiast want to drive and not repair in many cases their most valuable asset.

According to BMW holds four places on the “Top 10 Vehicles having The Highest Depreciation” list. This is quite an accomplishment in my opinion. They are the only Manufacturer with multiple models on the list.

Cheap BMWs

Seeing ownership costs pile up, many owners will sell the BMW cheaply to make room to buy something more dependable. While many take the currently amazingly low-interest rates on a new Beemer, many will go for a less expensive-to-operate replacement.

Dropping Value?

When selling these cars you are competing with other used BMWs, off-lease BMWs, and trade-in BMWs. The seller has to offer a very attractive price, possibly taking a loss on the loan just to get rid of it.

BMW enthusiasts

Now we are looking at a great deal on a cheap BMW, right? Well, most likely, no. While if you are a DIY mechanic or a die-hard BMW enthusiast, these cars may be for you, most people simply cannot afford to operate older BMWs while well taken care of Lexus brand vehicles that cost a little more to purchase are usually much less expensive to own.

6. Lexus vs. BMW Insurance Costs.

When comparing Insurance costs Lexus once again seems to take the lead. This chart from shows that in a head-to-head average insurance cost study, the 2016 year model Lexus RX350 consistently beats the 2016 year model BMW X5 by up to around $300 per year.

In most cases the comparisons are similar and I have not seen an insurance comparison listing similar Lexus and BMW models that put the European contender in the win column.


7. Snob Factor.

It is a long-held stereotype that BMW drivers are less than courteous and there may be some truth to that.

As you can see in this chart found on, BMW drivers seem to top the list of Rude drivers in the U.S. with multiple entries in this not so complimentary top ten list.

The automobile producer BMW even joked that “starting in 2022, it would stop manufacturing cars with turn signals because its customers don’t use them anyway.”

Use your turn signals…

It seems that Lexus drivers are a little more under the radar or a little more laid back as a whole. Who needs a mob of villagers grabbing their pitchforks when you pull out of the garage?

Finally, I did not write this article to bash BMW even though it may seem so. I just reported the things that I found while doing the research.


I am not saying that you shouldn’t buy a BMW but if you do, be warned of the cost to your wallet when making the decision. Having put together this review, my opinion is that from a purely financial standpoint, Lexus is the clear winner.

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What Insurance doesn’t want you to know: Is My Car Worth Fixing After An Accident?

Where ti take your car after an accident
Is my Lexus worth fixing after an accident?

Many people ask “Can I take my car to the dealership after an accident?” and “How much does my car depreciate after an accident?” and ” Is it worth repairing my car after an accident?”

These are important questions with no exact answers but we will examine these questions and more in this post to help you navigate the difficult and unexpected situation that a car accident presents.

Should you take your car to a dealership after an accident?

Many people feel that the dealer is the best option for auto repair because they are “experts” with their particular brand. While if your car is less than a couple of years old, this may be that case , most cars are older than this and most quality body shops have the information and the experience to repair your vehicle just as well as the dealer and in some cases better. Most modern cars are built basically the same and it follows that repairs are basically the same.

If you feel it is important that the car be repaired by the dealer then by all means, skip to the next section. Did I mention that you could save money by going elsewhere?

Dealerships usually have the highest labor rates (cost per hour of work) and they can charge this because of perceived value. In a world where the insurance company picks up the tab for the entire repair, this is ok, but in today’s world of $500, $1000 and even $2500 deductibles, you have some choices.

Locally owned and operated body shops have some leeway when pricing a job and dealing with the insurance companies. That said it never hurts to ask something like “Can you help me with my deductible?” when negotiating a collision repair job.

If you have no collision insurance, your locally owned repair facility is ready to step up and give you the best deal possible on your repair job. Just be upfront and let the estimator know that the job will be out of pocket and you are getting a few estimates before committing and you will usually get their best deal.

If your vehicle is disabled at the site of the accident you, in most cases, can choose the wrecker service and body shop the car is to go to. If you don’t let the officer investigating the accident know your preference, your car will be picked up by the next towing service in line in the “rotation”. Most municipalities have a list of approved tow services and which ever company is next on that list gets your tow. Some are body shops and you can choose to have your vehicle repaired there but many are exclusively towing companies and an additional tow to your chosen shop will be required. That presents a new dilemma because now you can’t get a repair estimate from any other body shops and you will have to rely on the estimate that your insurance adjuster provides.

All this being said, it is best to establish a relationship of sorts with a preferred repair shop. That way when the almost inevitable fender bender occurs, you will be prepared.

Ask around your friends or ask on a social media post, then Google the candidates you are given and check reviews. Then call the ones that have good reviews and ask what the labor rate is. Take into account how you are treated on the phone and how far they are away from you and if they offer towing. You should be able to narrow down a short list of one or two. Then write them down with phone numbers and put that in your glove box. If you are in an accident, just pull that out and give it to the officer.

How much does my car depreciate after an accident?

According to the Bryant Law Center “If you are involved in a car accident, this number can get way lower. Following a car collision, your vehicle will depreciate 10% to 25% more than the average rate. Factors that can influence this depreciation percentage include the car’s age and its condition after the accident.” But let’s look into this a little further.

We have already found a reputable body shop to repair the vehicle so lets look at what you value you will lose after a collision repair.

If you are like me, You will drive a vehicle in excess of 200,000 miles. usually, after 100.000 miles, it is paid off and a lot of people drop, comprehensive and collision insurance which is ok if you can afford to replace the car if it is totaled. If you still have a loan on the car, you are required to keep “full” coverage by the lender. If you have no collision or a high deductible and the accident is deemed to be your fault, then you are going to pay out of pocket for at least some of the repairs. Normally, you would deduct this cost and say 20% from the Blue Book Value to get your cars after repair value but in todays tight used car market this doesn’t hold true and here is why:

At the time of this writing U.S. government data shows that used car prices have increased a whopping 40% in 2021 over 2020. With new car chip shortages still looming and used car supplies depleted, even cars with salvage titles are bringing premium prices. If you sell your repaired vehicle at a discount, it is unlikely that you will be able to replace it without coming up with a significant cash difference.

My advise is to check the blue book value but go a step further and look at comparable cars for sale in your local market. It is possible depending on the model, that a collision doesn’t currently devalue the car at all.

Is it worth repairing my car after an accident?

It is really up to you. I would say if you can get it repaired for half the value of the repaired vehicle, go for it. That formula will take into consideration mileage and sales in your zip. But be honest when entering information into the car value calculator because the only person you will be fooling is yourself. If your interior is shot and it needs paint all over, it is probably your best bet to cut your losses, take what you can get for it and buy something else. Even so, certain luxury models like Lexus and BMW and even Toyota (Especially Trucks) have almost a cult following so some of these cars can bring higher prices even wrecked.

All that being said, if the car will have a salvage title after it is repaired, it is important to verify with your insurance company what coverage you will be able to get. If you can’t get comprehensive insurance, you may not be able to keep a loan on the car. In which case, you will either have to pay off the loan or let the insurance company do it and take the car for salvage.

Get your used car buying guides here!

If you have any questions about this or any other automotive subject just ask in the comments.

Thanks, Monty

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